Quads For Kids - Charging next day delivery then not arriving and disscusting customer service he started shooting at me

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When I ordered on line I payed extra £5.95 for next day delivery this was on Friday on Wednesday still not got my item so I contacted quads for kids to see what was happening they said it had been sent on Friday as I said it had not arrived he said it was the mail I asked for a tracking number he said he didn't have one after I said I think it discusting how they can charge that for next day delivery and deliver it when they want he started shooting at me down the phone I'm not Royal Mail to take it up with them ( great customer service ) by the way I bought the item from quads for kids not Royal Mail why don't they find out where it is maybe because they have my card details and just do credit card fraud not motor cycle parts a don't no?

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Quads For Kids - Www.quads4kids.co.uk rip off scam

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www.quads4kids.co.uk are renowned scam artists who trade under several names.The sell go karts and quads bikes.

After spending £3000 with them I have nothing but trouble and I am afraid they cave skimmed my credit card.

They start up new sites every so often i have found 3 already and they only sell the cheap and nasty chinease quad bikes and go karts.

You will either get scammed and not delivered or if you do the quality ill be *** poor that you will want to return it.The owner is called Gordon and i have reported them to watchdog and trading standards and I suggest you do the same.

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Quads4kids l orderd a cdi unit then 9 wks later they phoned me to say the iterm was in.yet when l re orderd it with a company in london it was the next day l had to have the engine re built and the head set re done in fact the guys down auto safe in maldon essex said they get a lot of biles in for repair from quads4kids as my local dealer l of liked to have done alot more bussiness with them but the poor servise put me off andnow dealwith a company in south west london in the past year l have spent 6000pounds that should of been spent with my local dealer quads4kids


Which competitor are you? Be man enough to tell the world. Just for the record Quads 4 kids have been established for 10 years. We have our own showroom, warehouse, workshop and full time mechanic. We are Essex's main dealer for the well known Apache Quads.We are in Bike Trader magazine every week of the year and have been for years. We would be delighted for the writer of the above post to supply proof of the alleged scam or non delivery etc., as we know you can't. I am sure anybody reading the post will also see this.




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